Student Opinion

Issue 2

Why is Everything a Joke?
By Lyric Davis 

On November 16th, 2018 I received the responses for the poll, “How well do you know your school? “ that was in our first edition of C3 this year. There were two questions, “What’s your name?” and  “What lab would you like to learn more about?” One of the student responses had the following answers (that were NOT censored, as we have done for this article) : “Sorry babe but my name is n***,” and “How to become more of a n***”.

I immediately felt sadness and a little bit of anger thinking about the person that could have written this, because as a black girl I know that word oh too well. It made me think about how the world is and how people are being raised to still think that calling people things like this would be okay. That it would be funny.  

Well wasn’t funny to me.  It made me really think about how the world is changing (or not changing). I am just not able to understand why people do this. I wonder if everything is simply a joke to some people. I think there is a line that you should just never cross. When I showed my friends (both black and white), they laughed … because they said it was just so funny to think that someone would take the time to write that and for what?

This was hard for me to write because I didn’t want to offend anyone, even though I had been offended. I wrote this to inform and to show everyone that what you may think is funny, may be something that could offend someone else. The next time you go to say something or type something, please think about what you’re doing.

What Exactly IS "School Appropriate Content?"
By Dasia Chandler 

Honestly … it’s 2019. This generation has been through A LOT -  from social media overload, to uneducated teens, to this overly sensitive world.  So at this point I am completely confused on what “school appropriate content” is.  Schools have certain rules on what we can and can’t talk about  for the “safety” of students, but what can you say that will not offend someone? In this day and age, whatever you say will somehow in some shape or form offend someone.

So what’s the point in having school appropriate content? I mean, we’re going to talk about “inappropriate” content anyway and it’s not like everyone doesn’t know about it, so why can’t we write about it or talk about it in school?  

Sometimes, the inappropriate stuff is the part of life that everyone has to go through,  no matter if you want to or not. We are going to experience things that involve violence, drugs, etc. Whether we experience these things in real life or if we just read about it or talk about it, why can’t we talk about these subjects in school? It would help raise awareness and educate others.

If school is a place for us to learn, then why can’t we learn and talk about the things that happen in the real world? Let’s be honest, some students come out of high school thinking that the world is all sprinkles and rainbows, only for them to get knocked on their butt and get hit with reality.

Let’s just put it like this. We’re going to experience things that aren’t always filtered and we aren’t going to have someone to always hold our hands and walk us through life, so why not just face reality and start talking about it now?!?

What Really is “Black Lives Matter?”
By India Partee 

Black Lives Matter -“ a political and social movement originating among African Americans, emphasizing basic human rights and racial equality for black people and campaigning against various forms of racism, (Abbreviations :BLM, B.L.M.)” according to

So, what really is Black Lives Matter? B.L.M was founded July 13, 2013 by three organizers who are black, for the sole purpose that all black men and women deserve the same rights as non-minorities.

Saying “black lives matter” doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter. All human lives, of course, matter. But white men and women didn’t go through the same segregation, slavery, or political and economic obstacles that pushed (and can still push) them back. This group simply aims for equality.

Do we even still need a reminder that all lives matter? I interviewed some students of different races to see if they think racism in our world still exists. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Sarah (white) explains that, “racism exists because parents raise their kids to be racist  and it’s an ongoing cycle. It’s becoming less common but it’s definitely still a problem​ in today’s world.”

  • Kelsey (black) states that, “prisons are profiting off of African Americans” and that it’s “basically like slavery,” because police officers automatically assume all black women, and especially men, are dangerous.

  • Lyric Davis (black) says that she still feels “negativity around minorities.” She further explains this by saying that she notices how even in high school there is racial profiling between students of different races.

Black people today are being targeted more than ever. If you are a non-minority, your voice matters even more because you’ll be heard first. B.L.M is a movement that we shouldn’t stray away from, but instead embrace. Don’t be afraid to stand up for minorities who may be struggling, and don’t be afraid to stand up for the Black Lives Matter movement. Anyone can stand up to promote positivity in this world, you just have to speak up.
Black Lives Matter Rally held in Ferguson, Missouri.

Why Can’t You Join the Military with Autism?
By Jacob Dombrowski 

Having autism is something I am proud of having because being able to think differently and act differently than others benefits me on how I look at the world.

What is autism? Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by "difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts."  Some of these characteristics include behavior, development in speech, intense interest in limited number of things, and being unaware of others’ emotions and feelings.

I think that some individuals with autism would be very beneficial for the military, due to characteristics that a “normal” person doesn’t have.

There’s a lot of stress when it comes to joining and being in the military. According to, the perceived level of stress is very high with “normal” individuals;  but individuals with autism may have lower levels of perceived stressed.

Also, in the military there’s a lot going on as far as combat. Individuals with autism either have a low or high sensory reaction to their surroundings. Certain individuals on the spectrum might be less sensitive towards bodily pressures which may be a benefit in certain situations.

According to a class poll, my fellow classmates felt the autism spectrum was so broad that even if individuals with autism wanted to join there would have to be further testing. If the military decided to do these testings I feel society wouldn't think differently of those on the spectrum who are willing to fight for our country.

Issue 1

Oversensitivity in Today’s World
By Hayley Figueroa 

Oversensitivity in today’s society has become a huge issue; an issue that can affect all of us now ...or even worse, years in the future.

Pretend you say something in a tweet or instagram post that offends someone at school. That someone doesn’t say a word, but 15 years from now, when you are established and doing well in your career,  he or she decides to strike. It doesn’t matter if you apologize, you still get attacked. The complaints and attacks ruin your reputation, you lose your job, and your lifestyle is destroyed.

For example, consider James Gunn. According to many media outlets this summer, James Gunn, the producer of Marvel’s first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, was fired over “offensive tweets” that he made over 8 years ago. His old tweets mainly consisted of jokes about rape, but there were others that hinted towards pedophilia and racism.

In his own defense, James Gunn said that many years ago, he considered himself someone who loved to “make movies and tell jokes that were outrageous and taboo.” He stated in a tweet from July that he has, “developed as a person, as well as [his] work and humor.” He then apologized stating, “In the past, I have apologized for humor of mine that hurt people. I truly felt sorry and meant every word of my apologies… when I made these shocking jokes, I wasn’t living them out… Anyway, that’s the completely honest truth: I used to make a lot of offensive jokes. I don’t anymore… Love to you all.”

Regardless of his apologies, James Gunn was fired from Marvel Studios. The controversy surrounding Gunn caused him to be removed as director of the 3rd Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

This is just one example of how society tries to ruin people’s lives over small things. In today’s society, anything involving a controversial topic can cause an uproar, even something as small as a tweet. Why are people getting so riled up over a movie director’s old tweets, and not utilizing their time against real-world issues? People get so offended over something as little as a few tweets that aren’t even significant anymore. Was the joke really that offensive?

Here is  James Gunn's apology tweet. 

Becoming You
By Katherine Johnson

A decent amount of people don’t know themselves. They may be disillusioned by social “normalities,” or hoping for an abundance of popularity. Think back to your childhood - were you loud or quiet? Did you travel with a pack of friends or fly solo? Now think about yourself today - still loud or quiet; still with friends or alone? A lot of times, the traits that you carried when you were a child are still present today, and they will always be present during your lifetime. So, think. Are you happy with how you are today? If not, there is still plenty of time to make changes.

First, recognize what you do and do not like. For example, if you really enjoy the music you listen to now, then keep listening to it! But, if you only like certain music because all your friends like it, then maybe you should find something for you. For me, it’s a mix of anything from 1960-2005, mostly being 90s metal. If you like old rap, bump it! If you like rock music, rock it (literally)! If you like classical music, turn it up and go wild. Embrace all the things you truly love. You might notice some of your friends becoming distant, but maybe they aren’t right for you. Surround yourself with people you actually like and trust. Staying with negativity can bring unwanted circumstances to your life.

In addition to music, what about style? If you would rather wear darker than lighter colors, do it. Feel like dressing up? Do it. Want piercings or tattoos? Do it (but ask your parents if you’re under 18 or if they’re strict). And don’t be afraid of judgment. Say to yourself, “You don’t like me? That’s cool. Does it really look like I care about what you think about me? Not really.”

Once you start making changes, people will notice. Maybe they’ll come up to you, or you to them, and then a friendship could blossom. It’s okay if you don’t have a big friend group, as long as you have somebody in your life that you can really trust. Don’t be afraid of the opportunities that pop into your life and don’t ever be afraid to be yourself. If you are true, then the people meant to be in your life will appear. It takes a lot of time and reflection, so start
This rose shows flaws as well as beauty. Embrace yourself.