Show Your Lab Art

Art doesn’t just exist in the ARTS Academy … we want to see YOUR art!

Maybe you created something really cool in your lab, or maybe you just like to draw. Whatever your art may be, please take a picture or a video and send it to us with a brief caption! Submit all pictures and captions to [email protected].

Issue 2

Tristen Ramer

Aaron Hunt

Yarielis Otero Santos

Issue 1

Electricity: Get up close with pictures of what happens in electricity!
Public Safety: Get a closer look at Public Safety with a live interview and examples of their activities in lab! 
Software Engineering: Take a look at your future game developers! The future games you'll play are in the makings here in this very lab! 
Welding: Some cool and exciting shots of live action welding are right in this video! Check it out! 
Digital Design and Print Technology: Ever wondered what happens in Digital Design and Print Technology?