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Spellsword Chronicles: Broken World
By Damien Murphy
 You know, I really need to think through my wardrobe choices before fighting a demon. Acid spit isn't exactly the norm for bleach to clean, trust me. You are probably wondering how I came by this knowledge. My name is Dante, I’m 17 years old, and today was pretty strange to say the least.                                             
      As I came up to the grassy lot, something felt off. It was colder and the air seemed charged, as if the space was holding its breath in anticipation. I was walking across the field when I heard a loud crack. I snapped my head towards the small section of wood where the sound seemed to have come from. In front of the patch of trees about 50 yards away a large red….portal appeared in mid air. Well I seriously need to get more sleep, I thought, sure I was hallucinating. Then, a  tall man in a sloppy suit came out, tattered and torn as if he had just come from a wild party. He began walking forward then stopped suddenly, as if it sensed I was there, and looked in my direction.
      “No mortals are to interfere with my plan,” he said in a raspy whisper,” I will feast on the souls of this town.”
      “Hey man I was just walking around my block, not yours,” I said, slightly annoyed at being called “mortal” even if I technically was one. “ And feasting on souls?”
      “That mouth will be the end of you boy,” snarls the man.
      “Yeah my mom says that too,” I say as I smirk, “ and boy was that two days of grounding rough” I know what you are thinking, Dante that probably isn't the smartest thing to say to a man that just came through a portal, but ADHD and bad judgement always win over common sense in my mind. What can I say? It's a gift.

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Catherine Mountain
By Jessica Lanham
It was a cloudy day in the middle of October. The fog had rolled in an hour before school let out, but I knew my way home. I live in Maine, in a rural neighborhood at the foot of Catherine Mountain. I took my bike and bid my friends good night as I rolled off onto my home road, Black’s Woods Road. But it wasn’t going to be an ordinary night. I had moved here just after my junior year started, and I had no trouble making friends. One of them included Raven Forsythe. Her quirky personality and interests reached out to me, and it wasn’t long before we became the best of friends. And on this Friday night, I was having her over for the night.
      It takes me about 10 minutes to ride my bike home. I would have taken the bus, but the drivers of my school seem to refuse to go down my stretch of road. I never put much thought into why they wouldn’t, but I agreed to provide transportation for myself. I drive myself to school when it’s too cold out or the weather is bad. But just a little fog isn’t a problem.

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Innocent Curiosity
By Reagan Freeman
As I hand the customer her cup of coffee, I hear the ding of the front door. I look up, expecting to see another customer walking into the diner, but nobody is there. The door is staying wide open, with nothing holding it. The high pitched howling of the frigid cold wind rings in my ears while I stand behind the counter. When I notice the snowflakes parachuting through the open door, I walk around the counter to shut the door. Before my hand pushes it closed, I notice something. I see a footprint appear in the snow a little ways away, creating a crunch so quiet that it could barely be heard. Then I see another footprint form in the thin sheet of white. More appear, forming a line that zigzags around. I realize too late that the crunching is getting louder and that the footprints are getting closer. My skin forms into goosebumps when I feel the temperature change from cold to absolutely freezing. It found me.

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Never Stop Falling
By Casey Price
“I think we should break up,” Tom mumbled quietly. Tom and I were standing in below 30 degree weather outside my house before Tom got in his car to head out.
“I am sorry, but what did you say Tom?” I  asked sarcastically, mad, knowing what he had said.
“I said, I think we should break up. Please don’t be mad. Graduation is soon, and we are going completely separate ways. We all know I am going to be a professional football player. I mean, have you seen me?” Tom joked.
“This really hurts, Tom. It is going to be so hard to lose you,” I said.
Tom looked Madeline in the eyes for one last time and told her she was beautiful. “Now is just not the time,” he said.

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The Request
By Denise Wilder
“It’s Monday, you're done,” I tell him.
It was lunch period and this kid, Jacob, was overstepping his boundaries by trying to sit with us.
“Us” being my friend and me.
“Come on, Ken, just one more day!” Jacob insisted.
“I agreed to allow you to hang with us for 1 school week, that week is up, you can go,” I say.
“I didn't think you'd push me out of your life so quickly… what about the video games we played together, and all of us goofing off at the park? I thought we connected,” he said.
“No sense dwelling,” I say.
“Go, go,” my friend, Jamie, says.
Jacob let out a harsh grunt, then stomped away to an empty table.
I rest my chin on my palm and sigh, “I hate when they get weepy on me.”
“He was fun while he lasted,” Dex adds in.

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?What Is She
By Kelsey Pickard
It was dark and damp in the cell we had our specimen in. She is 17, soon to be 18 in less then a month. We have tortured her, tried to mentally destroy her, and attempted to kill her, all with no luck. Today, we will see if her abdominal cavity is at all human. We have her laying on her back, her hands and feet strapped down. We also have metal arms stretching her mouth open so we can pour acid into her stomach.
We gather our supplies and walk into the cell where she is being held. My coworker and I take deep breaths and start the experiment.

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Zihara: The Crystallized Cult
By Santino Jorge
For many nights, a rather old warrior has been cursed with a vision of demons terrorizing the continent of Zihara. When at the town of Chrono, he asked around about the cult known as the Crystallized Cult. Old stories have been told about the cult made of witches and warlocks that would give praise to demons of legend and they would be granted dark and horrifying knowledge that would drive any man mad. Fenrir asked many who knew of the stories if there was possibly any “abandoned” locations, and heard of one in the Hollowed Forest. Picking up his great axe once more, Fenrir leaves his village in search of one of the cult’s bases within the forest.

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